The Evolution of Retina

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Happy Birthday, Mac.

Happy Birthday, Mac. On January 24, 1984, Macintosh put the creative power of technology in everyone’€™s hands. Explore the 30 years of innovation that have followed.

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twitter #music iOS app

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Newsweek: Steve Jobs Basically Introduces ‘Siri’ in 1984 Interview

Newsweek: Steve Jobs Basically Introduces ‘Siri’ in 1984 Interview

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jmak: Thanks, Steve. Posting designs like this one makes me paranoid, because I can’t shake the feeling that it’s not original. I enjoyed the process regardless, but please let me know if somebody else beat me to the idea! Thoughts?

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Keep Calm

rozanes: ReCraft Your Mind

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Playmobil Apple Store

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Your PC sucks

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The Forbidden Fruit

Client: Hey, just one final question before I send the deposit. Do you use a PC or a MAC? Me: I use a MAC. Client: That is a problem. Do you have access to a PC? I am not a supporter of Apple products. Me: No, I don’t have access to a PC, but this will have little to no effect on the work itself. Client: I am a Christian and Apple products are sinful, I do not want our website to be created by a product made by this corrupt group....

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