Irregular Around the Margins is the personal playground of Konstantinos Payavlas.

The name is in reference to a Sopranos episode, one of my all-time favourite TV series.

After many iterations (domain changes, blogging software, hosting providers, etc.), I’ve decided to test out my skills using a static site generator.

There were many frameworks to choose from, but I decided to go with Hugo (See what I did there? 😝 ) and the excellent PaperMod theme.

VS Code and Markdown are used for all writing & editing. Files and assets are hosted on GitHub (private repository, at least for the time being) and deployed automatically after every commit by Vercel.

Everything is done on a 2022 MacBook Air M2, the best computer I’ve ever owned. If you’re interested in the hardware and software I use, you can find out more on my /uses page.

umami is used for visitor data, which is a privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics.