I haven’t posted for a couple of days. It’s been hectic! 🙂 Here’s why..

On Saturday I was still in London. I was doing my coursework literally till the last minute. I left for the airport in a rush. However I arrived at Heathrow pretty early. I check-in quickly and went through to the Departures area. Security was everywhere. I was definitely feeling it.. Airport staff helping passengers sort their on-board stuff, police with machine guns, the works! I even had to take off my shoes to pass through security! (Thanx God I had clean socks on :p) I waited in the departure lounge for quite some time. I tried to go online (I was planning to make my first on-the-go post) but Plus.net wouldn’t let me! Their Wi-Fi isn’t working for me. I’m in the process to ask for a refund 😉 There was too much traffic going out of Heathrow that we had to wait an hour for our turn to leave.

Despite that, we arrived at Zurich on time (!) The flight to Zurich was fine, I slept through most of it. I didn’t even wake up when the food arrived which was very unusual. However, a good flight attendant gave me my sandwich as soon as I woke up 🙂

The flight from Zurich to Thessaloniki was fine too. There was slight turbulence over the German-Austrian border but nothing compared to the last time I was on the same flight two weeks ago. I was very frightened then! I arrived at Thessaloniki around 1:30 am.

My friend Giannis came to pick me up and we went straight home to leave my suitcase and wear different clothes. We left straight for Halkidiki! Sasha was playing at Boutique Dance Stage and we weren’t going to miss it for the world! We arrived around 3:30 am. We entered the club at the same time as Sasha was playing his opening track. Amazing atmosphere, around 2,500 people dancing! We met some friends and started dancing, talking and drinking! I was having a blast, even though I was very tired and sleepless.

We left the club around 8 am. Sasha was still spinning!! But we were very tired.. We went to eat breakfast in Hanioti and then headed for “Blue Fish”, a beach bar out of Pefkoxori. It was still very early so there weren’t too many people at the beach. We went for a swim and then slept for an hour or two. Some friends came afterwards and we had a very good time! 🙂

We left for Thessaloniki around 4:30 pm. There was much traffic so we knew it would take us quite some time to reach the city. We had to stop however because an accident happened right in front of us!! 🙁 Some stupid guy was doing 120km on a road which has a 60km speed limit. He lost control of the vehicle and slammed onto a stone wall. Giannis went out of the car and rushed to help them. He managed to get two women out of the car. Thank God, they were OK. One had a broken hand and the other a broken nose. So nothing serious. The driver was fine, and so was the woman next to him. They were all in shock! The police arrived soon afterwards and we left as soon as the ambulance arrived to take them to the hospital. I don’t know if they had anything more serious (like internal bleeding) but I really hope they are OK! We continued our journey but we were both in shock. I was doing 80km at all times and keeping to the right. The rest of the day was normal. I got home, spoke with my dad and then with my girlfriend on the phone, before crashing to sleep!

Today, I didn’t do much. I went to my appointment with my dietician, all is good on that front! 🙂 Then I came back home and worked on my report. I still had to finish my report for the coursework and upload it. I was working till 1 am when I left for the aiport to pick up my friend Evi. I was very happy to see her 🙂 I returned home around 2:30 am and continued working on the report. I finished about an hour ago and uploaded it! So, this is done too! 😀 Let’s wait for the results now in two weeks time!

So there you have it. The reasons why I haven’t posted all these days. Tomorrow life goes back to normal (Greek style :p) so hopefully there are gonna be more posts! I’m thinking of posting images from the party, either on Flickr or on my personal gallery over here. I’ll think about it 🙂

That’s all for now, take care all and enjoy yourselves! 🙂