You probably wonder what the heck “quatzacoalt” means. To tell you the truth, it means absolutely NOTHING! Let me tell you the story of how I came up with this unusual nickname. When I was in high school, my friends and I used to go on a place called IHOT after school and on Saturdays. At one time, all the trays in the store had a piece of paper on them which told the story of Quetzalcoatl. It said that Quetzalcoatl was the God of Chocolate for the Aztecs. When I read this I was amazed! I love chocolate and I thought that this would be a good way of showing it. But Quetzalcoatl was too hard for me to pronounce at that age. So I changed it to Quatzacoalt. It was far easier to say, write and remember!

From that day onwards, I started using this as my alias. I created my first ever email on Hotmail using this, later on Yahoo etc. Wherever you see a username or an email with quatzacoalt in it, it’s 99% sure that I’m behind it!

I remember one time I tried to register in a certain website and it said that the username quatzacoalt was taken!! I freaked out. I said, WTF? I don’t have an account here. Who took my username??? Anyway, after a while, I realised that it must be mine, so I started trying random passwords. Guess what.. after 5-6 tries I got the correct password. It was mine afterall. Hehehe..

So now you know. This is how I got this strange and unique nickname!
If you would like to know more information about the real Quetzalcoatl, try the following links, or just Google it 😉

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