Mark 1 is a breathtaking installation consisting of 100 stainless steel spheres arranged in a grid. Each one can be moved with sub-mm precision up to 10ft vertically. Together they form any numbers of shapes and formations, from slow imperceptible transitions, to much faster fluid animations. Completely customizable to suit any mood or occasion, the seamless bright ribbon of LED light on the periphery can be tuned with high CRI warm and cool white, or produce billions of different colors....

04.04.2024 00:08

App Defaults

A bit late to the party, but I wanted to bring the site up to date and of course read all the other “Defaults” entries before posting my own. This trend started as the Duel of the Defaults on episode 097 of the Hemispheric Views podcast, and it has amassed more than 350 entries! So, without any further delay, these are my defaults: 📬 Mail Client Personal: (iOS) / Fastmail Web (macOS / Windows) Work: Outlook 365 📮 Mail Server Personal: Fastmail * Work: Microsoft 🗒️ Notes Notes....

01.04.2024 09:10

Crossing at Sunset

From the Aidipsos to Arkitsa ferry, July 2023

23.07.2023 17:56

At the Lake

Lake Plastiras, December 2022

31.12.2022 16:42

Lost in Tiergarten

Berlin, June 2022

20.06.2022 10:10

Pefki, Nothern Euboea

31.12.2021 17:29

After the Snowstorm

17.02.2021 13:13


16.02.2021 11:26


20.11.2020 17:51


01.09.2020 13:00